KehlCo Inc Numerical and visual solutions for tomographic imaging since 1989

X-ray CT, microCT, nanoCT (microscopy) and MRI

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Digital Rock Physics:3-D mapping of pore space, networks, mutliphase saturations, segmentation, classification and texture analysis.

Construction Materials Analysis: QC, artifact recognition and measurement, aggregate morphology characteristics.


KehlCo, Inc., Houston, Texas USA, provides software tools and consulting services to exploit industrial tomography imaging non-destructive testing (NDT) technologies. Our clients are professional engineers and earth scientists. Our Client companies include international and major oil companies, oil service companies, universities and US government organizations.  


VoxelCalc Software Product for Image Analysis and Visualization
VoxelCalc Functions and Features

Perforation Fractures


Two Phase Flow

CT Log


LogTool Well Logging Software Product (Showing NMR T2 Distributions)